Unsere Fremdsprachenassistentin                            Our Teaching Assistant

My name is Michelle Hawkins and I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I graduated from Mount Mary University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.

In addition to my native English, I speak German, Spanish, and am learning Arabic.

Lake Michigan, Wisconsin
Lake Michigan, Wisconsin

I have previous experience with the German school system; I participated in an exchange program in high school where I attended a Gymnasium near Paderborn.

What is more, I studied for a semester at Frederick-Williams University in  Bonn in 2012.

With my sister in Glacier National Park
With my sister in Glacier National Park

My hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, birding, and playing Ultimate frisbee.

I also love to travel and have visited much of Europe, many US states, as well as a few countries in the Middle East.

Visiting Petra, Jordan (2011)
Visiting Petra, Jordan (2011)

Having completed internships with organizations focused on human rights and economic development in Valencia, Spain and Washington DC, I hope to pursue employment or graduate studies, after I leave Regensburg, in the areas of International Affairs, Development, or Middle Eastern Studies.

I am excited to be with you this year and to be living in Bavaria, as it is a region in Germany I have not previously been to.

 I am looking forward to teaching and getting to know the school community.

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