Unsere Fremdsprachenassistentin                            Our Teaching Assistant

An interview with our English Teaching Assistant Emma Smalley


Hi Emma! It’s great that you are here in our class. Can you introduce yourself, please? 


Hi! I am Emma, a recent graduate of Mount Mary University. I studied history, philosophy, and Spanish. I am someone who loves to learn new things, and am passionate about language acquisition- which is why I was so excited to get the opportunity to assist with teaching English! In my free time, I take dance classes, watch movies, and read. I also enjoy activities such as tennis, hiking, and snowboarding.   



Can you speak some German words?  


Yes! I am learning German and have picked up these phrases that come in handy. Ich kenne diese Sätze: ‘Ein Cappucino mit Hafermilch bitte,’ ‘Entschuldigung,’ ‘Keine Ahnung,’ ‘Mein Deutsch ist schlecht.’ 



Do you like it here in Regensburg? How is it different from your hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin?  


Yes, I really enjoy staying in Regensburg! It truly is a wonder to live in. There are so many historical sites to see. Back where I live, we go almost everywhere by car, so it is very different to walk everywhere with everything being so close!  



What do you think is the biggest difference between USA and Germany?  


It’s hard to say what the biggest difference between the USA and Germany. I think the collective attitude and rules towards the environment are the most visible differences.  



When you entered our school for the first time, what was your first impression?  


My first thought was: “Wow! This looks a lot like my university!” 



What do you like most at our school?  


The students are the best part about Niedermuenster! Everyone has been so welcoming and nice to me. It has been so fun teaching English and talking about the United States with them.  



Do you sometimes feel homesick?  


Of course! However, with FaceTime, it is easy to connect with my family, so I don’t feel horribly homesick.  



Is there anything that you miss in Germany?  


Besides my family and friends (and cat), there are certain foods that I miss! I really miss Hot Cheetos.  



Which food do you like best in Germany?  


I enjoy eating German bread and pretzels.  



What are your favourite places in Regensburg?  


My favorite places might be considered “touristy.” I like the old bridge, Bismarck Platz, and the cat/coffee shop called “Katzentempel.” 



What are your future plans? 


I plan to get my PhD in history, to travel around Europe (if possible) after my position ends, and to continue my German studies! I hope one day I can live in Germany again! 



Thank you so much for answering our questions.  


- Class 8b

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